AppBuilder properties page (Windows only)

The AppBuilder properties page allows you to configure the properties of your AppBuilder or Progress Dynamics project in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. This controls the behavior of the ABL GUI procedure (.w) files in the currently selected OpenEdge or Dynamics project.

You can access the AppBuilder page by right-clicking an OpenEdge project name in the Project Explorer view and choosing Properties from the context menu. Expand the Progress OpenEdge node in the tree view, and then click the AppBuilder node.

Note: If you chose the shared AVM for the currently selected project, most of the settings on this property page will be disabled. They cannot be changed on this page. You must go to the AppBuilder page under the Shared OpenEdge AVM preference page to view or to change these settings. Select Window > Preferences from the main menu bar. Then open Progress OpenEdge > Shared OpenEdge AVM > AppBuilder from the tree view. Also, be aware that settings changed on the Shared OpenEdge AVM/AppBuilder preference page affect all projects that use the shared AVM.

The following controls are available:

Enable Dynamics Enable the AppBuilder for Progress Dynamics application development in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
Configuration File Specify the path of the XML configuration file where Dynamics session types are defined.
Session Type Specify a name of the session type.
Qualify database fields with a database name Adds a database name to all field references within the generated code.
Default to suppressing database VIEW-AS phrases Suppress the VIEW-AS phrases that specify a certain field to be viewed as a specific widget.
Character Terminal Colors Opens the dialog which allows you to customize the background and foreground colors of the dynamics objects and frame in the design window.
Note: For information about Progress Dynamics configuration and session types, see OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Administration. You can access this and other Progress Dynamics manuals in the OpenEdge Product Documentation section of the Progress Communities Web site.