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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Reference : Workspace components : Add Controls dialog
Add Controls dialog
The Add Controls dialog lets you select controls from assemblies that are installed on your system and add them to the Toolbox. This dialog appears when you right-click in the Toolbox and selects Add Controls from the context menu.
The Add Controls dialog has three tabs:
*Browsed Assemblies - Displays the list of controls in the assembly file that you most recently browsed during the current Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge session.
*Global Assemblies - Displays the list of controls in your system's Global Assembly Cache.
*ABL Controls - Displays the list of user-defined controls (User Controls and Inherited Controls) in your current PROPATH.
Select one or more controls to add by clicking the check box to the left of the control name. You can sort the list by clicking a column heading.
In addition to the control list, the Add Controls dialog includes the following controls:
Control Group
Lets you choose the Toolbox control group to which the selected controls are to be added.
Lets you enter an initial character sequence by which to filter the control list. Only those controls whose name begins with the specified characters appear in the list.
Clears the Filter field and restores the control list to its unfiltered state.
Displays a standard file browser that lets you locate and select a DLL or EXE file containing valid .NET controls.
Closes the Add Controls dialog and adds all selected controls to the Toolbox.
Closes the Add Controls dialog without adding any controls to the Toolbox.