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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application

Deploying an Application

This chapter discusses how to deploy a WebClient application. It introduces the PRO*Tools that you use for a WebClient deployment: the WebClient Application Assembler and the WebClient Deployment Packager. With the Application Assembler, you describe the deployment configuration and generate the deployment files. The Deployment Packager enables you to customize a deployment after generating the deployment files.
This chapter explains how to use these PRO*Tools. It also discusses considerations for deploying application files on servers, for installing WebClient, and for installing and updating your application.
* Preparing to use the WebClient Application Assembler
* Installation type considerations
* Choosing an installation method
* Defining applications in WebClient Application Assembler
* Files generated by the WebClient Application Assembler
* Customizing deployment configurations
* Hosting the application on a server
* Installing WebClient
* Bootstrapping a WebClient application
* WebClient application updates
* WebClient and OpenEdge GUI for .NET