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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Bootstrapping a WebClient application

Bootstrapping a WebClient application

Whether you use IntelliStream or an external installer to install your application, the WebClient Initializer always starts your WebClient application. For information about installation options, see Designing Your End User's Experience
The WebClient Initializer controls the installation, the update, and the execution of a WebClient application. It can also include installing a different version of WebClient itself.
WebClient Initializer uses information in an application configuration file to control how it starts a WebClient application. The information that you provide in the application configuration file allows WebClient Initializer to identify and verify the status of both WebClient and the application on the user's system, and to start the application.
* Starting the application
* Bootstrapping and personal instances
* How the bootstrapping process works
* Bootstrapping with no WebClient installed
* Bootstrapping with some version of the WebClient installed
* Customizing the bootstrap.htm file
* Checking for an acceptable version of WebClient
* Checking for required application updates