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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Bootstrapping a WebClient application : Starting the application

Starting the application

You can provide two basic options for the user to start a WebClient application:
*URL — This option allows the user to start the application from a Web browser. The specified URL identifies a bootstrap.htm file provided by OpenEdge that you must customize to access both the WebClient One-Click install image and your application configuration file. This bootstrap.htm file starts the process of installing and executing both WebClient and your WebClient application. You can make this URL available to the user in any way appropriate for your Web site. For example, you can have a user enter the URL directly in the locator of their browser, or you can provide a link to this URL on your application Web page.
Note: If WebClient is installed from a CD, you should still use the bootstrap.htm file to install the application.
*Shortcut — This option allows the user to start the application directly from the Windows desktop. If you use IntelliStream, this shortcut can be created automatically using the System Tasks option in the WebClient Application Assembler. If you use an external installer, your installer must create this shortcut.