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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Hosting the application on a server

Hosting the application on a server

After you use the WebClient Application Assembler to generate your deployment files, you must place these files on your deployment server so that WebClient can access the files.
You have some options when deciding on the type of server you want to use to host your application. You can use an Internet-based Web server or file server, or you can use an AppServer. For more information about design considerations to help you make these decisions, see Hosting the WebClient Deployment
This section also provides information about:
*Hosting the configuration file
*Hosting your application component files
*Hosting your external installer
*Hosting on a Web server
Caution: For all server types, when copying files from your development machine to another machine, you must use a binary copy for all files.
* Hosting the configuration file
* Hosting your application component files
* Hosting your external installer
* Hosting on a Web server