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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Installing WebClient

Installing WebClient

You must make an installer available to install WebClient on the user's machine. OpenEdge provides a default InstallShield image that you can customize to install WebClient. You can also point the user to a page on the Progress Software Corporation Web site where the user can run a WebClient installation.
Your OpenEdge installation includes the following WebClient install images:
*A stand-alone InstallShield image that you can use to create an installation CD-ROM. Invoke the setup-exe directly to install WebClient.
*A One-Click Install image that you can use to host a Web-enabled installation.
For more information about copying theses install images to your system, see the Accessing the WebClient installation files.
For a Web-enabled install, you can set up a WebClient installation Web page to be one of the following:
*An OpenEdge-supplied Web page (webclient.htm file). You can customize this file to start your application installation after WebClient is installed.
*An application-specific Web page of your own design. The logic for this page should run the WebClient One-Click Install directly, rather than bringing up the default WebClient One-Click Install Web page (which requires the user to click another button). To do this, you can copy the logic from the webclient.htm file to your own Web page.
Though you cannot customize the CD-ROM image, Progress Software Corporation strongly recommends you customize the One-Click Install. For more information, about customizing the WebClient installation, see the Customizing the WebClient installation.
Note: Whatever Web page you provide for accessing the WebClient installer, you must specify the URL for this page in both the bootstrap.htm file and in the WebClient Install URL field of the WebClient Application Assembler's WebClient tab.
* Accessing the WebClient installation files
* Customizing the WebClient installation