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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Customizing deployment configurations

Customizing deployment configurations

Users of your application might have specific requirements for how it is deployed. Often you cannot be aware of these requirements at the time that you generate the .prowcapc file. Even when custom requirements are known, maintaining separate development streams to support deployment to multiple users can be burdensome and error-prone. The WebClient Deployment Packager enables you to address this problem without changing the .wcp project file and regenerating the entire application. With the Deployment Packager, you can:
*Extract deployment information from an existing .prowcapc file.
*Modify the deployment information and save the changes to a file referred to as a custom deployment configuration. This file has a .wcd extension and the same name as the .prowcapc file (for example, a custom deployment configuration extracted from sportspro.prowcapc is stored as sportspro.wcd).
*Generate a new.prowcapc file incorporating the changes made to the .wcd file.
You might use this capability in the following cases:
*Supporting customers with different code pages or languages
*Providing access to a test environment in addition to your production environment
*Customizing deployments that each customer hosts internally
After the initial generation of the .prowcapc file with the WebClient Application Assembler, the developer or the customer can use the Deployment Packager to modify the configuration details as required. OpenEdge provides a standalone Deployment Packager executable that you can make available to customers, enabling them to customize their own configurations.
* Distribution of the Deployment Packager
* Changes allowed through the Deployment Packager
* Defining a custom deployment configuration
* Validating the custom deployment configuration
* Generating the .prowcapc file