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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Defining applications in WebClient Application Assembler

Defining applications in WebClient Application Assembler

With the WebClient Application Assembler, you create a WebClient project file (.wcp file), which is a definition of the latest version of an application. After building the project file, you generate a set of deployment files for a version of your application. These generated deployment files are placed in a version-specific directory under an output directory that you specify.
You perform the following tasks with the WebClient Application Assembler:
*Create a new project file
*Modify an existing project file
*Generate all files necessary for installing and updating a WebClient application
Note: You can use the WebClient Deployment Packager to modify details of the deployment configuration, such as the codebase location, rather than regenerating the deployment files. For more information, see the Customizing deployment configurations .
To run the WebClient Application Assembler:
1. Choose Tools > PRO*Tools. The PRO*Tools menu bar appears.
2. Choose WebClient Application Assembler
The WebClient Application Assembler appears:
Note: Alternatively, you can run OpenEdge-Install-Directory\bin\prowcappmgr.exe from a Proenv command prompt.
The remainder of this section describes the WebClient Application Assembler functionality. For detailed information about any options, see the PRO*Tools online help.
* General tab
* Component tab
* Options tab
* WebClient tab