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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Defining applications in WebClient Application Assembler : Options tab

Options tab

The Options tab specifies options for the application installation. On this tab, you can indicate whether you are using an external installer, identify any system tasks you want IntelliStream to perform, and specify an ABL install procedure to handle additional installation steps.
Click System Tasks Definition to open the IntelliStream System Tasks Definition dialog:
You use the IntelliStream System Tasks Definition dialog to define the following system tasks:
*Running ini2reg.exe
*Adding shortcuts on the desktop
*Installing system or common files
*Registering application-specific files, such as the following ActiveX controls: CSCombo, CSSpin, and PSTimer
*Including a .NET Framework installer to support applications using OpenEdge GUI for .NET
*Including run-time versions of the OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET
All files specified to perform system tasks are automatically added to your At Startup component.
* ABL install procedure
* Web-enabled external installer
* System Tasks and personal installations