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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Defining applications in WebClient Application Assembler : Options tab : ABL install procedure
ABL install procedure
You can use an ABL install procedure to perform installation tasks not available with IntelliStream system tasks. The ABL install procedure runs as the last step of an IntelliStream install to complete any application-specific install tasks that IntelliStream did not handle. You must place this procedure, and any procedures that it calls, in the At Startup component.
If you use an ABL install procedure, WebClient passes "<CurrentVersion>, <NewVersion>" as the value of the -param parameter to the procedure. As a result, when the ABL install procedure is run, the -param parameter is added to the startup parameters specified in the Install Startup Params field in the Options tab.
For example, if the last ABL install procedure was Version 4 of the installer, and the next installer is Version 5, the -param value is now "4,5".
When the ABL installer runs for the first time, there is no version for the current installer, as a result, -param has a value of ",<NewVersion>". For example, if the ABL installer is being installed for the first time, and the version for this installer is V1, the -param parameter value is ",V1".
Note: If you use an ABL install procedure to perform installation tasks, you can also provide an uninstall procedure.