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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options

Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options

This section provides information on using various ODBC and DataServer options.
* Transaction Management: the AUTOCOMMIT option
* Query Result Order: the PRGRS_ALWAYS_INDEX option
* Concurrent query execution: the PRGRS_CACHE_CONN option
* Connection problems: the PRGRS_CONNECT option
* Key-buffer size: the PRGRS_IDBUF option
* Locking error messages: the PRGRS_LOCK_ERRORS option
* Large rows: the PRGRS_MINBUF option
* SQL statements cache: the PRGRS_PREPCACHE option
* Concurrent procedure results: the PRGRS_PROC_TRAN option
* Cursor characteristics: the PRGRS_STABLE_CURS option
* Wait time for asynchronous connections: the PRGRS_WAIT_DELAY option
* Preserve cursors: the -Dsrv MSS_PRESERVE_CURS,1 option
* RECID/ROWID format: the variable length option
* SVUB,x: the Unified Broker Server Option
* Logging options