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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options : Connection problems: the PRGRS_CONNECT option
Connection problems: the PRGRS_CONNECT option
The PRGRS_CONNECT option allows you to pass ODBC-specific information to the ODBC driver. This option has the following syntax:


-Dsrv PRGRS_CONNECT,connection-string;
The connection string is separated from the option by a comma (,) and ends with a semicolon (;).
Use the PRGRS_CONNECT option in the following cases:
*To connect to a data source whose name is not allowed by OpenEdge; for example, a name that includes blank spaces, ampersands (&), commas (,), and/or carets (^). In the connection string, pass the following characters rather than the unallowed characters. The driver resolves the passed characters to the unallowed character:
*Pass the ampersand (&) character as two ampersand (&&) characters
*Pass the caret (^) character as two caret (^^) characters
*Pass the blank space character as an ampersand and a caret (&^)
*Pass the comma (,) character as a caret and ampersand (^&)
*To establish complex connections that require more than the Physical Database Name (-db), User ID (-U), and Password (-P) parameters. In all cases, the values must not be space delimited and must be passed in a single connection string.
For example, the following connection string sets the user ID and password for the server and user ID and password for the data source:
For more information and syntax examples, see Special connection issues.