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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options : Concurrent procedure results: the PRGRS_PROC_TRAN option
Concurrent procedure results: the PRGRS_PROC_TRAN option
The DataServer allows only one active request for running a stored procedure. However, you can process results form several stored procedures concurrently if you set the PRGRS_PROC_TRAN switch to 1 (ON.) When switched on, this option will cause a separate connection to be used for each stored procedure request, up to the maximum number of connections specified by the PRGRS_CACHE_CONN option.
Caution: When procedures run in separate connections of the same DataServer session, the scope of their respective transactions is isolated from one another. If one active procedure attempts to update the same record used by another active procedure in the same session, a lock timeout or even a deadlock could occur.