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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options : RECID/ROWID format: the variable length option
RECID/ROWID format: the variable length option
ROWID/RECID — With the variable length ROWID/RECID format, the area stored in the record buffer for ROWID/RECID is variable. Reduced ROWID/RECID size causes the DataServer to use smaller network bandwidth while passing records between client and server.This might improve network performance. While the DataServer runtime uses the new ROWID/RECID algorithm by default, it allows the old format ROWID/RECID (OpenEdge 11.4 and before) to be maintained.
You can expand the ROWID/RECID buffer size to a maximum of 1000 bytes. The minimum size is 44 bytes. The algorithm to determine minimum adjusted size is as follows:
*Header +
*Table of rpos of key components +
*Table of offsets to key values +
*1 byte null indicator + 1st comp key value +
*1 byte null indicator + 2nd comp key value +
Note: With the introduction of variable length ROWID/RECID buffer, the ZPRGRS_RECID_BUF_SIZE,nnn Option is obsolete. To use the old ROWID format, provide -Dsrv PRGRS_ROWID_VER,0 during DataServer connection.
* Old format RECID Buffer size: the ZPRGRS_RECID_BUF_SIZE,nnn Option