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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options : Cursor characteristics: the PRGRS_STABLE_CURS option
Cursor characteristics: the PRGRS_STABLE_CURS option
Enabling this switch indicates to the DataServer that it should assume that all cursors are stable. Normally, the ODBC driver and MS SQL Server determines whether a cursor is stable during the commit or rollback of a transaction and if the cursor can persist beyond a single transaction scope. The DataServer normally resolves cursor characteristics by interrogating the driver and setting the run-time environment accordingly.
Progress Software Corporation does not recommend bypassing normal operation under most circumstances, but under very limited circumstances, you can improve performance by overriding the derived cursor setting by setting the PRGRS_STABLE_CURS option to 1 (ON). Your application must comply to one of the following restrictions to safely enable this option:
*All ABL run in your DataServer session is without transactions.
*ABL run in your DataServer session has transactions, but all ABL queries and resultant data sets are fully processed on one side of any existing transaction boundary.
Note: This is a session-level switch, which means that all ABL run in the session must comply with the listed restrictions.