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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Troubleshooting : ODBC options : Using MS SQL Server and DataServer options : Locking error messages: the PRGRS_LOCK_ERRORS option
Locking error messages: the PRGRS_LOCK_ERRORS option
DataServer for MS SQL Server identifies and handles conditions and errors. However, the PRGRS_LOCK_ERROR option lets you control how your application reacts if it encounters an error that is actually a lock problem when accessing a data source. Use this option to pass the native error number to the DataServer so that it handles this error as it would an OpenEdge database lock problem; that is, the DataServer waits and retries, rather than halting the application:
CONNECT data-source-name -ld logical-name -dt mss
-Dsrv PRGRS_LOCK_ERRORS,error-number1,error-number2.