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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connecting applications to the connectivity service : Connection Properties : Optional Connection Properties

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Optional Connection Properties
Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC has initial default values for some connection properties, making it optional for you to set them. On Windows systems, the ODBC Hybrid Driver Setup dialog box displays these values when you create a data source. On UNIX and Linux systems, the ODBC.ini file created by the installer contains the connection properties that you can define.
You can change connection property values in the following ways:
*By modifying them in a data source using the ODBC Administrator, in the Windows Registry, or by editing an odbc.ini file
*By overriding them in DSN or FILEDSN connection strings
*By specifying them in a DRIVER connection string
Many connection properties also have short names for use in connection strings as a convenience. For a full description of each property, or to look them up alphabetically, see Connection properties reference .
The connection properties are organized by functionality on the tabs of the Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC Driver dialog setup box.
*Advanced functionality
*Security features
*Web Service configuration features
*Proxy server configuration features
See the tables in the topic for each tab for the property names that you can use in.ini files, the Windows Registry, or connection strings, the default value and a brief description.
* Advanced Tab Options
* Security Tab Options
* Web Service Tab options
* Proxy tab options