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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connection properties reference

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Connection properties reference

The connection properties in this section are listed alphabetically by the name that appears on the driver setup dialog box or the logon dialog box. The attribute name and short name, which can be used in connection strings, data source files, and .ini file data source sections are listed underneath the GUI name.
Note: The connection properties described in this section configure the connection between the application (through the Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC) and the Hybrid Data Pipeline connectivity service. The Data Source defined on the Hybrid Data Pipeline dashboard configures the connection between the Hybrid Data Pipeline connectivity service and the Hybrid Data Pipeline data store. See Connecting applications to the connectivity service for more information.
In most cases, the GUI name and the property name are the same; however, some exceptions exist. Also, a few connection string attributes do not have equivalent GUI options. They are listed alphabetically by their attribute names.
* ODBC Connection Properties
* Application Using Threads
* Client Time Zone
* Data Source Name
* Data Source Password
* Data Source User
* Default Buffer Size for Long/LOB Columns (in Kb)
* Description
* Enable SSL
* Enable WChar Support
* Host Name In Certificate
* Hybrid Data Pipeline Source
* IANAAppCodePage
* Login Timeout
* Logon Domain
* Max Varchar Size
* Min Long Varchar Size
* Password
* Port Number
* Proxy Host
* Proxy Password
* Proxy Port
* Proxy User
* Query Timeout
* Report Codepage Conversion Errors
* Service
* Transaction Mode
* Trust Store
* Trust Store Password
* User Name
* Validate Server Certificate
* Varchar Threshold
* WSRetryCount
* WSTimeout