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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connection properties reference : Transaction Mode

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Transaction Mode


TransactionMode (TM)


Specifies how the driver handles manual transactions.

Valid Values

0 | 1 | 2


If set to 0 - No Transactions, the data source and the driver do not support transactions. Metadata indicates that the driver does not support transactions.
If set to 1 - Ignore, the data source does not support transactions and the driver always operates in auto-commit mode. Calls to set the driver to manual commit mode and to commit transactions are ignored. Calls to rollback a transaction cause the driver to return an error indicating that no transaction is started. Metadata indicates that the driver supports transactions and the ReadUncommitted transaction isolation level.
If set to 2 - Transactions, the data source and driver support manual transactions for supported data stores. Support for isolation levels depends on which backend data store is being used. If the data store does not support transactions (for example, Salesforce), then Transaction Mode is switched to 0 - No Transactions.


2 - Transactions


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