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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connection properties reference : Min Long Varchar Size

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Min Long Varchar Size


MinLongVarcharSize (MINLVS)


Specifies the minimum count of characters the driver reports for columns mapped as SQL_LONGVARCHAR. If the size of a SQL_LONGVARCHAR column is less than the value specified, the driver will increase the reported size of the column to this value when calling SQLDescribeCol and SQLColumns. This allows you to fetch SQL_LONGVARCHAR columns whose size is smaller than the minimum imposed by some third-party applications, such as SQL Server Linked Server.

Valid values

A positive integer from 1 to x
is the minimum size in characters the driver will report for columns mapped to the SQL_LONGVARCHAR type.


*Configuring the Varchar Threshold and Min Long Varchar Size options allows you to fetch SQL_VARCHAR and SQL_LONGVARCHAR columns with sizes that fall between the data-type ranges used by some applications.


None. If no value is specified, the driver does not change the column size reported for SQL_LONGVARCHAR columns.

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