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Configuring Hybrid Data Pipeline Driver for ODBC : Connection properties reference : Logon Domain

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Logon Domain


LogonDomain (LD)


Specifies the domain part of the Hybrid Data Pipeline connectivity service user ID. If Logon Domain is not an empty string, the driver first appends the @ character to the end of the User Name value and then appends the value of Logon Domain.
Some applications do not allow you to configure a user name for an ODBC data source that contains an @ character in the name. However, Hybrid Data Pipeline user IDs can be in the form of an email address that contains the @ character. To facilitate these types of applications, the user id can be specified in two parts, the name and the domain.


To specify the user name of to an application that does not allow an @ character in the login name, set the User ID to John.Doe and the Login domain to If a value is specified for Login Domain, the driver appends the @ character to the end of the user name, and then appends the login domain after that.

Valid Values

is a valid user ID domain.


Empty string


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