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Introducing the Class Browser : Concepts : The Class Browser view

The Class Browser view

The Class Browser view comprises three main sections--the Browser pane, the Summary pane, and the Content pane. Like many other views, the Class Browser also includes a toolbar.
The panes display information in the following way:
*The Browser pane displays the available resources: assemblies, Progress procedure libraries (provided they contain r-code classes), and paths.
*The Summary pane displays a description of the selected resource, package or namespace, type, or member.
*The Content pane displays a list of the members contained in a type (in a class or interface, for example).
From the toolbar, you can control whether the Class Browser displays information by resource or project. You can also navigate back or forward; add an external resource (such as a path, Progress procedure library, or assembly); collapse all tree nodes; and filter the member information you want to view.