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Introducing the Class Browser : Tasks : Adding external resources

Adding external resources

You can add external resources, such as assemblies, Progress procedure library files, and path entries, to the Class Browser and view their type information. The assemblies you add can be either local assemblies (DLLs or EXEs) or assemblies registered in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
You can add an external resource only once to the Class Browser. External resources that you add to the Class Browser persist between sessions of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
When you add an external assembly reference, the Class Browser automatically updates the classBrowser.xml file for the workspace.
Follow the given steps:
1. To add one or more external resources, do one of the following:
*From the Browser pane, right-click and choose Add External Resources from the context menu.
*From the Class Browser toolbar, click Add External Resources .
The Add External Resources dialog appears.
2. To add a path or a procedure library (.pl):
a. Choose the R-code path/PLs tab.
b. Provide a path or locate the procedure library you want to add. (You can add multiple resources.)
c. Click OK. The Add External Resources dialog closes, and the resource is added.
3. To add an assembly from the GAC:
a. Choose the Global Assemblies tab. Select one or more (use CTRL+CLICK) assemblies to add.
b. Click OK. The Add External Resources dialog closes. The resource or resources are added and appear in the Browser pane.
4. To add a local assembly:
a. Choose the Local Assemblies tab. Provide a path or locate the assembly file or executable file you want to add.
b. Click OK.