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Introducing the Class Browser : Concepts : External resources and the Class Browser

External resources and the Class Browser

You can add external resources, such as assemblies, Progress procedure library files, and path entries, to the Class Browser and then view information about their types. You can also add local assemblies or assemblies registered in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) as external resources. When you add an external resource, the Class Browser writes to the classBrowser.xml file for the workspace, updating the file to include details about the new resource.
You add external resources only once to the Class Browser. External resources that you add to the Class Browser persist between sessions of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
If you close and then reopen the Class Browser during the same Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge session, the most recently used browse mode is retained.
With the Class Browser in the browse by resource mode, you can remove external resources that you added.