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Introducing the Class Browser : Reference : Browser pane

Browser pane

The Browser pane displays the selected assemblies, procedure libraries, and paths (resources). The information is organized into three levels:
*Packages (ABL) and namespaces (.NET)
*Types (classes or interfaces)
When you expand a resource node, its packages or namespaces are listed. If you expand the package or namespace node, the types contained within are listed. Generic type parameters are listed for the corresponding generic type.
When you select one of these types, the Content pane displays its constructors, methods, properties, events, and data members. Generic arguments also appear, as applicable, in the Content and Summary panes. If you select multiple types in the Browser pane, the Content pane and the Summary pane are empty.
If a type does not have a package or namespace, it is listed under the default package node when package names are displayed in the Browser pane.