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Introducing the Class Browser : Reference : Content pane

Content pane

The Content pane displays a list of the contents of a resource's packages or namespaces, a list of the package or namespace's types, or a list of the type's members. Members are grouped by type and listed in alphabetical order. When you select a type in the Browser pane, all member information for the type appears in the Content pane. If you select multiple resources in the Browser pane, the Content pane is empty.
The pane also displays extent or generic information for method parameters. (Extent and generic information does not appear for variables and properties.)
Note: The Content pane does not display private members.
For more information about a member method, choose a specific method in the Content pane. Details about the method appear in the Summary pane.
The Content pane's context menu includes three display options: Show Public Members, Show Protected Members, and Show Inherited Members. All three options are selected by default.
When you select this item in the Browser pane...
The Content pane displays...
A project
The resources associated with the selected project
A resource
The packages or namespaces for the types contained in the selected resource
A package or a namespace
The types for the selected package or namespace within the resource
A type
The members of the selected type: data members, constructors, methods, properties, and events
Using the Copy option, you can copy the signature of a method or the reference to a property or variable and paste it elsewhere, such as in the ABL Editor.