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Introducing the Class Browser : Tasks : Accessing the Class Browser

Accessing the Class Browser

You can access the Class Browser by any of the following methods:
Click Class Browser from the Fast View toolbar.
From the OpenEdge Editor, OpenEdge AppBuilder, OpenEdge Server, or OpenEdge Visual Designer perspective, click Fast View . Choose Class Browser from the list.
From any Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge perspective, press CTRL+F12. Depending on the perspective, the Class Browser opens either as a Fast View (from the OpenEdge Editor, OpenEdge AppBuilder, OpenEdge Server, or OpenEdge Visual Designer) or as you have configured it as a view.
From the menu bar, choose Window > Show View > Class Browser.
The Class Browser view opens and displays the most recently used browse mode, either by resource (the default) or project. The Browser pane displays all nodes as they existed when the view was last opened, with the most recently selected type in focus. The Content pane and the Summary pane are updated with the corresponding information.
If you open the Class Browser as a Fast View, you can close it by pressing ESC.