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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge Application settings
Progress OpenEdge Application settings
The topics in this section describe the options and controls available for defining Progress OpenEdge Application launch configurations in the Configurations wizard.
This wizard appears when you select Run Configurations or Debug Configurations from:
*The drop-down menu on either the Run button or the Debug button , or
*The ABL Editor context (right-click) menu
Although the window title includes either "Run" or "Debug," depending on how you open the wizard, in both cases you have access to all launch configurations, and the options are identical.
Various options have the effect of invoking a startup parameter for the AVM session. In such cases, the relevant parameter is shown in the rightmost column of the table. See OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference, available at the Progress Product Documentation Web site, for detailed information.
There is a separate topic for each of the tabs in this section of the wizard.
* Main tab (Application)
* Startup tab (Application)
* PROPATH tab (Application)
* Databases tab (Application)
* ABL tab (Application)
* Culture tab (Application)
* Performance tab (Application)
* Logging tab (Application)
* Environment tab (Application)
* Common tab (Application)
* Profiler tab (Application)