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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge Application settings : Logging tab (Application)
Logging tab (Application)
The Logging tab in the Progress OpenEdge Application section of the Configurations wizard lets you set various options affecting logging of ABL applications running under a launch configuration. See Progress OpenEdge Application settings for information about accessing the wizard.
The following controls are available on the Logging tab:
Related parameter (if applicable)
Name (accessible from all tabs)
(Required) Specifies the name of the launch configuration, which appears on menus and in the left pane of the Configurations wizard.
Enable logging
If checked, makes other fields on this tab editable, allowing you to set client logging options.
Logging level
Specifies the level at which entries are written to the client log file.
Logging Level (-logginglevel)
Logging file count
Specifies the number of log files, including the current one, to be kept on disk. A value of 0 means no limit on the number of log files.
Number of Log Files to Keep (-numlogfiles)
Logging size threshold
Specifies the maximum size, in bytes, for log files. When this threshold is reached, the AVM creates a new log file
Log Threshold (-logthreshold)
Append to log file 
If checked, causes OpenEdge to add logging information to the most recent existing log file. Deselect this option to create a new log file for each client session.
Record Buffer Size (-Mr)
Clear log files
If checked, causes OpenEdge, when the session starts, to delete existing log files matching the specified client log file name.
Clear Log (-clearlog)
Log file
Specifies a name and location (full path or path relative to the working directory) for the client log file.
Client Logging (-clientlog)
Log entry list
Specifies the types of events to be logged. In the Log Entry Type column, check the items to be included. For each such entry type, click in the Log Entry Level column and select the logging level.
Saves the current launch configuration definition.
Run or Debug
Runs the specified startup program or opens it in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger.
Closes the Configurations wizard.