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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge Application settings : Profiler tab (Application)
Profiler tab (Application)
The Profiler tab in the Progress OpenEdge Application section of the Configurations wizard contains the options to the run the profiler for any session. See Progress OpenEdge Application settings for information about accessing the wizard.
The following controls are available on the Profiler tab:
Related parameter (if applicable)
Enable profiling
Enables profiling for the selected session
Profiler output folder
Specifies a common location for the output folder for a profiled output file and a listing file.
-OUTFILE for the location for profiler output file and -LISTING for listing the files directory location
Specifies a description for the session profiling.
Generate debug listing files
Generates the debug listing files in the profiler output directory. This file provides a detailed line information in the Line summary view. If you do not add this option, no information is displayed in the Line summary view.
Enable tracing
Generates a detailed tracing data that is used to generate call tree in the profiler viewer. If you do not add this option, no information is displayed in the Call Tree tab.
Note: It generates a very large output file.
Note: When you click Apply, the session is profiled and the .prof file opens in the editor.