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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge Application settings : Common tab (Application)
Common tab (Application)
The Common tab in the Progress OpenEdge Application section of the Configurations wizard allows you to set options for specifying where an ABL application launch configuration is saved, how it is accessed, and how it runs. See Progress OpenEdge Application settings for information about accessing the wizard.
The following controls are available on the Common tab:
Name (accessible from all tabs)
(Required) Specifies the name of the launch configuration, which appears on menus and in the left pane of the Configurations wizard.
Local file/Shared file
Notifies Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to save the configuration definition either in the metadata\plugins directory in your workspace (local file), or in a selected project folder (shared file).
Favorites menu selector
Causes the configuration to appear as an option at the top level of the Run menu, the Debug menu, or both. Check the desired options.
Note: You can also manage these menu options on via Organize Favorites on the Run and Debug menus.
Encoding: Default/Other
Specifies the code page used for program output to the Eclipse console, either the default or a selected non-default code page.
Allocate Console
If checked, allows program output to appear in the Eclipse console.
If checked, redirects program output to the specified file.
If checked, notifies Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to append redirected program output to the specified file. Otherwise, the file is overwritten.
Launch in background
If checked, lets you perform other tasks while the configuration runs.
Saves the current launch configuration definition.
Run or Debug
Runs the specified startup program or opens it in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger.
Closes the Configurations wizard.