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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge Application settings : Performance tab (Application)
Performance tab (Application)
The Performance tab in the Progress OpenEdge Application section of the Configurations wizard lets you set various options affecting performance of applications running under a launch configuration. See Progress OpenEdge Application settings for information about accessing the wizard.
The following controls are available on the Performance tab:
Related parameter (if applicable)
Name (accessible from all tabs)
(Required) Specifies the name of the launch configuration, which appears on menus and in the left pane of the Configurations wizard.
Use defaults
If checked, disables all other fields on this tab and causes the AVM to use default values or values specified elsewhere in the configuration definition.
Temporary files directory
Optionally specifies the directory (full path or path relative to the working directory) for storage of temporary files. The default is the working directory.
Enforce startup parameter limits
If checked, causes the specified values for directory size, local buffer size, maximum memory, and nested blocks to be enforced as hard limits.
Hardlimit (-hardlimit)
Schema field cache size
Optionally specifies the number of entries in the schema field cache.
Schema Field Cache Size (-fc)
Record buffer size 
Optionally specifies the size, in bytes, of the standard buffer for database records.
Record Buffer Size (-Mr)
Stack size
Optionally specifies the size, in kilobytes, of the internal memory area used by ABL program modules.
Stack Size (-s)
Local buffer size
Optionally specifies the size, in kilobytes, of the local buffer in which the AVM stores all variables, work files, and records that are in use at one time for a user .
Local Buffer Size (-l)
Directory size
Optionally specifies the number of compiled procedure directory entries.
Directory Size(-D)
Stash blocks
Optionally specifies the number of 1KB blocks to allocate to the stash area, which OpenEdge uses as temporary storage for modified index fields.
Stash Area (-stsh)
Temp-table buffer pool size
Optionally specifies the number of buffers in the temporary table database pool.
Number of Buffers for Temporary Tables (-Bt)
Speed sort block size
Optionally specifies the block size, in kilobytes, to allocate when sorting records for reports and when rebuilding indexes.
Speed Sort (-TB)
Speed sort merge streams
Optionally specifies the number of blocks or streams to be simultaneously merged during the sort process.
Merge Number (-TM)
Async queue size
Optionally specifies the total number of bytes allowed for all buffers allocated when asynchronous requests are queued on behalf of a client.
Async Queue Size (-asyncqueuesize)
Maximum memory
Optionally specifies the initial amount of memory, in kilobytes, allocated for r-code segments.
Maximum Memory (-mmax)
PROLIB memory
If checked, causes the AVM for the configuration to allocate a 512-byte cache for a standard library directory.
PROLIB Memory (-pls)
Saves the current launch configuration definition.
Run or Debug
Runs the specified startup program or opens it in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger.
Closes the Configurations wizard.