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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Concepts : DB Navigator perspective

DB Navigator perspective

In Eclipse, perspectives define the layout of the initial set of views in the Workbench window. DB Navigator includes the DB Navigator perspective. This perspective contains a number of different views that allow you to perform multiple activities, such as creating a SQL Connection profile used in connecting to a database, viewing database schema, and running SQL queries.
In support of these various activities, the DB Navigator perspective includes the following views:
*Connection Info view - A read-only display of SQL connection information for the database, shown as property/value pairs.
*Connections view - A display of all available SQL connection profiles and all active sessions.
*DB Structure view - A tree view display of the database schema structure.
*DB Details view - A read-only display of information specific to the selected node in the DB Structure view.
*SQL Results view - The results of a SQL query run from the SQL Editor.
*SQL History view - A list of all executed SQL queries.
The DB Navigator perspective also provides access to the SQL Editor, which allows you to write and execute SQL scripts.
(Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge only) The DB Navigator perspective in Progress OpenEdge Developer Studio provides a toolbar button for launching OpenEdge Explorer, a tool for configuring databases. See Launching OpenEdge Explorer (Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge only) for more information.