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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Reference : Components of the DB Navigator perspective : SQL Results view
SQL Results view
When you run a SQL query from the SQL editor, a result set appears in the SQL Results view. Result sets for each subsequent execution appear in the same view, but in a separate folder. Folder tabs are numbered consecutively. If any errors occur, the SQL error is displayed in a message dialog that includes the error code.
The toolbar contains the following controls:
Retrieve the next result set. By default, the result set is batched in groups of 100 records. The next batch of records can be added to the view by clicking this control.
Note: You can set the SQL Results rows to batch value in the DB Navigator preferences page.
Retrieve all rows. Expands the number of rows in a result set to include the complete output of a query.
Copy all rows in the view to the clipboard.
Close the tab folder.
The status bar at the bottom of the folder shows the number of the row that is selected. It also indicates the number of rows in the result set.