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Introducing Progress DB Navigator

Introducing Progress DB Navigator

Progress DB Navigator is a graphical tool you can use to view the schema of a database, browse the data in tables, view and analyze application data, and issue SQL commands. DB Navigator connects to any SQL-compliant database through a JDBC driver.
If you are working with an OpenEdge database, you can use schema wizards to create, modify, and delete tables, columns, indexes, and other database objects. You can also view triggers and sequences. You cannot, however, perform administrative tasks, like dumping and loading data.
(For OpenEdge databases only) OpenEdge databases provide multi-tenant features that allow you to create, edit, and delete multi-tenant tables and sequences.
If you are working with a Microsoft SQL Server database or an Oracle database, you can view extended schema elements such as triggers, functions, and stored procedures.
The online help for DB Navigator consists of the following sections:
DB Navigator perspective
SQL Connection profiles
JDBC drivers
Multitenancy (Progress OpenEdge databases only)
Common tasks for supported databases
Working with MS SQL Server databases
Working with OpenEdge databases
Working with Oracle databases
Components of the DB Navigator perspective
MS SQL Server database
OpenEdge database
Oracle database
* Introducing Progress DB Navigator
* Concepts
* Tasks
* Reference