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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Tasks : Common tasks for supported databases : Accessing the DB Navigator perspective
Accessing the DB Navigator perspective
To open the DB Navigator perspective:
1. Click Open Perspective on the Workbench toolbar.
Note: You can also select Window > Open Perspective.
2. Select DB Navigator from the drop-down menu if it is listed. If it is not listed, choose Other. Then choose DB Navigator from the Open Perspective dialog.
Note: If you have already opened the DB Navigator perspective in a workspace, you can access it again by choosing DB Navigator from the perspective bar. The location of the perspective bar is configurable. By default, the perspective bar is located on the left side of the workbench. You might need to click the chevron (>>) to expand the list of available perspectives. Alternatively, you can display more perspective tabs by dragging the tab folder to the left.
3. Connect to a database. See Connecting to a database for more information.
Note: For more information on using perspectives, toolbars, and menu bars, see the Workbench User Guide in the Eclipse help system.