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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Reference : Components of the DB Navigator perspective : DB Details view
DB Details view
The DB Details view is a read-only display of information specific to the selected node in the DB Structure view. You can access this detailed view through the context menu for the selected node.
The context menu that appears is dependent on the type of database whose structure you are viewing and the node that is currently selected in the DB Structure view. When a table node (or a child node) is selected, the following tab folders appear in the DB Details view:
Displays a list of all columns with related SQL information.
Displays a list of indexes in the selected table.
Primary Key
Displays the primary keys defined for the selected table. This is relevant only to tables created through SQL, although it displays the components of the OpenEdge primary key.
Foreign Key
Displays any foreign key restraints defined for a selected SQL table.
Displays a subset of the records in the selected table. In the Preferences, you can set the number of rows returned.
Row Count
Displays the total number of rows in the selected table.
Note: If you have an OpenEdge database table that contains many records (over a million, for example), it is not advisable to select this panel. Since OpenEdge manually counts the records, which can take a long time, the system appears to freeze.
Displays both table and column privileges (as a toggle). Includes the columns Table, Column, Privilege, Grantor, Grantee, and Grantable.
Depending on the type of database whose details you are viewing, there may be other tab folders (in addition to the ones described here) in the DB Details view.