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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Linking controls to data : Creating a binding source object
Creating a binding source object
The binding source object, ProBindingSource, is a non-visual control whose properties define the schema for the data to be displayed by the accompanying visual control. The ProBindingSource control includes a designer tool that helps you define this schema. The tool also gives you the option of importing the schema from an XML schema (XSD) file, or from an ABL source file (like p, cls, w, i, and html).
Note: When designing data-bound controls, it is a good idea to establish a SQL connection to the database, so that you can see its schema in the DB Structure view. You can simplify the design process by dragging and dropping schema elements from the DB Structure view. If you choose to define the schema manually, you can refer to the DB Structure view to determine the correct table names, field names, and character types.
Begin by connecting your project to the database via an ABL connection.
* Drag-and-drop schema definition
* Manually defining the schema
* Importing a schema