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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Linking controls to data : Editing a ProBindingSource control
Editing a ProBindingSource control
You can use the ProBindingSource Designer to edit the schema and schema properties of an existing binding source object:
1. Open the ProBindingSource Designer by doing one of the following:
*Select the ProBindingSource control on the Design Canvas, click and then ProBindingSource Designer.
*Double-click ProBindingSource Designer on the Design Canvas.
The ProBindingSource Designer appears and displays the current schema definition.
2. Add or remove schema elements, or modify their properties, as explained in Manually defining the schema.
3. To save the schema definition, click OK.
Note: You cannot use drag-and-drop techniques to add schema elements to an existing ProBindingSource control from the Resources view or the DB Structure view.