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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Reference : OpenEdge GUI for .NET wizards : ProBindingSource Designer
ProBindingSource Designer
The ProBindingSource Designer lets you define the schema for data, derived from an ABL data source, to be displayed by a data-displaying control. This tool appears in the following situations:
*When you use the Toolbox to add a ProBindingSource object to the Design Canvas.
*When you select an existing ProBindingSource object and click ProBindingSource Designer on the Properties view, the context (right-click) menu, or the Smart Tag.
*After you drag a schema element from the DB Structure view or an ABL source file from the Resources view and drop it on the Design Canvas.
The following controls are available:
Available schema (left) pane
Displays the database schema imported from a connected database, a XML Schema (XSD) file or an ABL source file (like p, cls, w, i, and html).
Click to Hide Available Schema
Hides the Available schema pane.
Adds the table and column selected in the Available schema pane to the Tables pane and Fields pane.
Tables pane
Displays a hierarchical representation of the tables defined in the current schema.
Fields pane
Displays the fields (columns) of the currently selected table.
Properties (right) pane
Lets you define the name of each table and field, as well as each field's data type. Select a table or field in the left or middle pane to view and edit its properties. These values must match those of the actual ABL data source. You can also define field labels as you want them to appear in the GUI at run time.
Recursive Table
This is a property for a table, used to define recursive relation between tables.
Add Table
Adds a table node. The new table is a child of the one above it in the tree.
Add Field
Adds a field node. The new field belongs to the table above it in the tree.
Deletes the selected node and its child nodes, if any.
Move Up
Moves the selected field up in the tree. This button is enabled only when a field node is selected.
Move Down
Moves the selected field down in the tree. This button is enabled only when a field node is selected.
Import from Database
Displays a Schema Selection dialog that displays the databases connected to the project and lets you select schema elements to import.
Import from File
Displays a file browser that lets you select an existing XML Schema Definition (XSD) file or ABL source file. After you select the file, a Schema Selection dialog appears and lets you select schema elements to import.
Expand or Collapse the Available Schema pane.
Adds the tables selected from Available Schema to the Tables pane.
Saves the current schema definition. The defined schema appears as a ProBindingSource object in the Design Canvas.
Closes the ProBindingSource Designer dialog without saving the changes to the schema definition.