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Administration Guide
Working with Instances : Instance management with TCMAN

Instance management with TCMAN

TCMAN includes actions for configuring, starting, stopping, monitoring, and deleting instances.
The following table is a brief description of the instance management actions that you can perform with TCMAN. Entries link to the reference topics that provide more details, syntax, and examples.
Create an instance of the Progress Application Server.
Remove the directory tree and all of the files in an instance.
Start an instance of a Progress Application Server.
Stop a running instance.
View, add, update, or delete the property values specified in ../conf/
Displays information on the configuration and environment of an instance. It also displays information about error conditions.
Display all the instances created from the Progress Application Server installed in $CATALINA_HOME.
Stop tracking an instance by removing the instance's entry from the $CATALINA_HOME/conf/instances.[unix|windows] file.
Register an instance for tracking purposes. (Note that instances are registered for tracking by default when they are created. The register action is only necessary if you explicitly unregistered an instance.)
Truncate, move, or delete the log files located in the /logs directory of either the core server or an instance.
Show the Apache Tomcat runtime version and OS information for an instance.