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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : HWND attribute

HWND attribute

(Windows only; Graphical interfaces only)
An integer value for a Windows handle to the window that contains the widget.
Data type: INTEGER
Access: Read-only
Applies to: BROWSE widget (browse and cell), BUTTON widget, COMBO-BOX widget, CONTROL-FRAME widget, DIALOG-BOX widget, EDITOR widget, FIELD-GROUP widget, FILL-IN widget, FRAME widget, IMAGE widget, LITERAL widget, MENU widget, MENU-ITEM widget, RADIO-SET widget, RECTANGLE widget, SELECTION-LIST widget, SLIDER widget, SUB-MENU widget, TEXT widget, TOGGLE-BOX widget, WINDOW widget
This attribute is supported for dynamic link library (DLL) access only in Windows. Some DLL routines require that you pass this value.
For ABL window widgets, the Windows window that contains the widget is actually the parent of the Windows widget referenced by HWND. Thus, to obtain the handle of the Windows window that contains the ABL window, you must pass the value of HWND to the GetParent( ) function (in the user32.dll). Pass the result of GetParent( ) to the DLL routine that requires it.