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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Preface : Organization


Introduction introduces you to the DataServer for MS SQL Server and discuss how OpenEdge and WebSpeed applications work with it to access data sources through the ODBC standard.
Subsequent chapters provide additional information about using the DataServer. If you are using the DataServer with WebSpeed and with applications written in Progress® SpeedScript®, all information regarding ABL applies to your application. For the latest documentation updates see the OpenEdge Product Documentation Overview page on PSDN:
Chapter names and details follow:
Describes the DataServer architecture (components and configurations) and software requirements, and provides guidelines for using the DataServer.
Initial Programming Considerations
Discusses the differences between the OpenEdge database and MS SQL Server and the DataServer strategies for resolving these differences. Includes database design issues and application issues.
RDBMS Stored Procedure Details
Defines relational database management system (RDBMS) stored procedures and describes how to create and implement them in an OpenEdge environment. It discusses various techniques to execute RDBMS stored procedures and Send SQL statements on the MS SQL server and load results sets directly into temp-tables. ProDataSet functionality, available through the use of temp-tables, is also briefly discussed.
Additional Features to Enhance DataServer Performance
Presents various DataServer performance enhancement techniques you can use, including connection pooling.
Configuring the DataServer
Presents instructions for configuring the DataServer and for creating, maintaining, and deploying a schema holder.
Connecting the DataServer
Presents various methods for starting and connecting the DataServer and describes connecting a schema holder. In addition, it provides connection guidelines and lists connection failures and OpenEdge responses.
The DataServer Tutorial
Provides an overview of the demonstration databases and the opportunity to work with the DataServer utilities for maintaining a schema holder. In addition, it describes the OpenEdge DB to MS SQL Server migration utility.
Describes common problems and how to work around them, including tuning your environment and resolving ODBC driver problems.
Migration Issues
Provides information on how to migrate from the DataServer for ODBC to the DataServer for MS SQL Server, and information on issues migrating from the Version 9.1 DataServer for MS SQL Server.
Server Related Command Line Utilities and Startup Parameters
Describes the utilities you use to configure, manage, start, and stop the DataServer host and client.
Data Type Details
Presents a detailed, comprehensive list of the MS SQL Server data types and their associated OpenEdge-data type equivalencies.
Using qt_debug to Analyze Performance
The qt_debug option of the DataServer (-Dsrv) startup parameter can be used as a supplement to the OpenEdge Enhanced Logger to provide you with the means to perform diagnostics.