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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Initial Programming Considerations

Initial Programming Considerations

An application developed in the OpenEdge Studio can use the DataServer for MS SQL Server to access data from multiple sources transparently. With the DataServer, your applications can access information in both OpenEdge databases and MS SQL Server databases.
This chapter discusses fundamental considerations you need to know to plan your applications and design your databases. For example, you need to know the differences between OpenEdge databases and MS SQL Server databases, as well as the DataServer strategies for resolving these differences, which your application might need to accommodate.
Follow these initial guidelines carefully when you develop your application to ensure that it can access OpenEdge databases and MS SQL Server databases transparently. Once you are comfortable with this information, refer to the stored procedure details presented in RDBMS Stored Procedure Details, and the advanced guidelines in Additional Features to Enhance DataServer Performance.
Note: The material in this chapter is also of interest to users who plan to migrate an OpenEdge database to a MS SQL Server data source. However, such a migration raises additional issues that you must consider when designing your application. For details, see Running the OpenEdge DB to MS SQL Server utility.
* Database design issues
* Data types
* Record creation
* Data source record locking
* Transactions
* Error handling
* Cursors
* ABL issues
* RDBMS stored procedures