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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Using qt_debug to Analyze Performance

Using qt_debug to Analyze Performance

The qt_debug option of the DataServer (-Dsrv) startup parameter can be used as a supplement to the OpenEdge Enhanced Logger to provide you with the means to perform diagnostics. Information in this appendix describes options used to enable logging with the qt_debug option. For information on using the Enhanced Logger as an alternative to analyzing application activity and performance, see Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger and OpenEdge Development: Debugging and Troubleshooting.
The qt_debug option of the DataServer (-Dsrv) startup parameter (and the QUERY-TUNING DEBUG phrase) instructs the DataServer to print information on the queries it generates to the dataserv.lg log file. The qt_debug option provides extended diagnostic capabilities that you can use to determine which parts of your application might be causing additional network traffic or extra processing by the MS SQL Server database. The following table lists the diagnostic capabilities of qt_debug.
Table 71. Diagnostic options
Supplies no debug information. This is the default.
Prints the SQL statements that the DataServer executes.
Prints the SQL statements that the DataServer executes plus additional information such as cursor statistics.
Prints information about the cursors that the DataServer uses for internal calls and for opening queries. It tracks when cursors open and close and when the DataServer reuses them. It also summarizes each cursor's activity. These diagnostics are especially helpful when determining OpenEdge maximum cursor settings or cursor "leaks" that your application might have.
Prints information on the amount of time that certain operations take. These statistics are available only for some platforms. Note that any time differences between what the DataServer and data source report might be due to network performance issues rather than to DataServer or data source behavior.
Prints information on cursors and timing. This information is supplied in summary form as an OpenEdge data (.d) file. Contact Progress Software Corporation for assistance with this file.
Note: This option is not available as a QUERY-TUNING phrase option.
Prints all of the information gathered by the other qt_debug options.
Note: This option generates a very large log file. Be sure to clear your log file before using this option to test a procedure.
Note: Turning on debugging options decreases DataServer performance. Be sure to turn off debugging options when you run DataServer applications in production mode.
This connection statement causes the DataServer to report on the time that ODBC operations take to run:
CONNECT msscdb -Dsrv qt_cache_size,32000,qt_debug,PERFORMANCE.