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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server


The OpenEdge® DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server allows you to develop and deploy ABL (Advanced Business Language) or WebSpeed® applications that access a Microsoft SQL Server database. These applications use ABL specifically designed to translate knowledge about business operations into software.
The DataServer for MS SQL Server supports Microsoft SQL Server Versions 7 and later. The DataServer itself is fully ODBC-2.0 compliant. It also complies partially with the ODBC 3.0 standard by supporting extensions for running stored procedures.
This chapter introduces you to the DataServer for MS SQL Server and discusses how OpenEdge and WebSpeed applications work with it to access data sources through the ODBC standard.
* MS SQL Server DataServer overview
* DataServer components
* DataServer utilities
* DataServer demonstration databases
* DataServer configurations
* SSL enabled DataServer for MS SQL
* Software requirements
* Guidelines for using the DataServer
* Documentation resources