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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Introduction : DataServer utilities

DataServer utilities

Progress Software Corporation provides a set of utilities that allows you to perform certain tasks related to the DataServer. There are utilities for:
*Creating a schema holder
*Updating a schema holder
*Verifying that the definitions in the schema holder match the current data source information
*Editing connection information for a schema holder
*Changing the code page for a schema holder
*Deleting the schema
*Migrating an existing OpenEdge database to a MS SQL Server database, generating delta SQL files to update your MS SQL Server data source, and adjusting a pulled schema to match an existing OpenEdge database
*Adjusting the pulled schema to match an existing OpenEdge database
In addition, you can use the Data Dictionary to modify data definitions at the field level; for example, to change display formats, add help messages, or add validation expressions. You can also use the Data Administration to manipulate data definition files for the schema holder.