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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Introduction : DataServer configurations

DataServer configurations

The DataServer for MS SQL Server can run in a variety of configurations. Depending on its configuration, it is either a single OpenEdge executable or a set of OpenEdge executables that you can distribute across operating systems. There are two general types of configurations—local and remote—with variations on each type:
*Local DataServer — All of the DataServer software components, the schema holder, the ODBC software, and MS SQL Server client software run on one machine.
*Remote DataServer — The DataServer software components run on different machines. Typically, the OpenEdge client component runs on one machine, while the OpenEdge server component runs on another machine called the host machine. Note that the ODBC software and any data source client software required run on the same machine as the DataServer software modules. In the remote DataServer configuration, this is the host machine. The host machine and the machine on which the client runs communicate through TCP/IP networking. A remote configuration exists within the framework of a distributed application, whereby DataServers are spawned on the host machine using the ProBroker executable or broker in the Unified Broker framework.
* The local, self-service, DataServer configuration
* The remote, client/server, DataServer configuration
* Configuring distributed DataServer applications using ProBroker
* Configuring DataServer applications with a self-service OpenEdge AppServer or Progress AppServer
* Configuring distributed DataServer applications using the Unified Broker Framework