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Database Administration
Reference : PROMON Utility : R&D Activity Displays

R&D Activity Displays

The R&D Activity displays provide tables of general information regarding database activity. Activity can be queried for the following:
*Buffer Cache
*Page Writers
*BI Log
*AI Log
*Lock Table
*I/O Operations By Type
*I/O Operations by File
*Space Allocation
The pages of activity displays end with this prompt:
Enter <return>, A, L, R, S, U, Z, P, T, or X (? for help):
The table below describes the actions PROMON takes, based on the input received.
Table 91. Activity display prompt
If you type . . .
PROMON will . . .
Display the next page of the current display if one exists, otherwise return to the previous menu.
Activate auto-repeat mode. The current display restarts after the number of seconds specified by the current display pause time. Auto-repeat mode stops after the number of times specified by the auto repeat count or when CTRL+C is pressed.
Load activity counters from start of session. Use this option to reset the activity counters after a sampling a smaller time slice.
Repeat the current display.
Sample activity counters for the number of seconds specified by the sampling interval. The current display then restarts. The data shown include only activity which occurred during the sample interval.
Update activity counters. The current display then restarts. The data shown include changes which occurred since the initial set of data was collected.
Zero the activity counters so updates show changes from this time forward.
Return to the previous menu.
Return to the top-level (main) menu.
Exit from the OpenEdge Monitor utility.
Display help about the entry choices.
* Summary
* Servers
* Buffer Cache
* Page Writers
* BI Log
* AI Log
* Lock Table
* I/O Operations By Type
* I/O Operations by File
* Space Allocation
* Index
* Record
* Other